Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the PAC to do the following:

  • To establish a continuing political campaign fund managed and operated in accordance with the terms of its charter and Bylaws and not officially affiliated with any political party, candidate or ballot measure.
  • To receive voluntary contributions from persons interested in promoting the political objectives of the PAC and provide fundraising events for the benefit of conservative candidates.
  • To support initiatives and elect men and women to public office who respect the heritage and traditions of our founding fathers and support the long-standing core values of both the Republican Party and, most importantly, the pro-family movement.
  • Be the premier PAC in Orange County for recruiting, training and electing local candidates.
  • Provide a forum for discussing and advancing conservative ideas.

Who Are We & What Are We For:

  • We were formed on July 20, 2000.
  • Our focus is on business, social, and family issues. While business issues are important, we believe our country’s major problems are not economy-based. Bottom line, we are socially conservative.
  • We focus on supporting initiatives and local and state candidates that will affect Orange County and California. In this regard, we encourage men and women holding our core values to run for public office, actively support their candidacies in the election process and encourage citizens to vote for them.
  • We are economically inclusive. We have many support and membership categories. All members have equal status.
  • We are religiously tolerant. Men and women of all faiths are welcomed.
  • While we are economically inclusive and religiously tolerant, we reserve the right to set standards. For example, race and gender baiters, bigots and liars need not apply.
  • We are dependable. We won’t abandon principles because it is politically expedient.
  • We are supportive of the Republican Platform as it now stands.

What We Aren’t:

  • We aren’t a small band of monied Republicans who want to adopt the mantra of the left and move away from the Republican Platform, i.e., become more Democratic Party-like in the Party’s stand on social issues.
  • We will not abandon the Republican Party’s long-standing support of unborn children, sanctity of life and traditional family values for political expediency sake. For example, we definitely will not support candidates who support partial birth abortion or wink at the fate of unborn children.
  • We will not support candidates who attempt to be all things to all people.
  • We will not support candidates who engage in the politics of race and gender baiting and class envy.