Candidate Support

Candidates who seek the endorsement and financial support of the Family Action PAC must fill out and submit a Candidate Support application form.

Answers on these forms:

  • Will be reviewed by the Family Action PAC Board of Directors and/or Endorsement’s Committee
  • Must be signed in ink by the candidate (or author of an initiative) before a board review can take place
  • Are subject to review by the Family Action PAC as a whole, individual members of Board of Directors, or the Family Action PAC’s Endorsements’ Committee.

The application is a part of the initial review process to achieve an endorsement of the Family Action PAC. An endorsement of the Family Action PAC does not automatically come with a financial commitment. Only candidates (or initiatives) that receive further consideration will be able to seek campaign contributions to their candidacy.

Some topics for discussion include but at not limited to are:

Questions To Include: Candidates  thoughts on tax credits, standard deductions, income tax rates, etc. You may  also be asked about super-majority voting thresholds, Proposition 13, and budgeting.

Questions To Include: Candidates  views on recent ballot initiatives, memberships to the California Teacher’s Association, views on private vs. public (and/or hybrid) schools., etc.  You may also be asked questions regarding social issues facing classrooms, charter schools and general topics facing education.

Public Safety
Questions To Include: Candidates will be asked to elaborate their views on the “Three Strikes” law, death penalties assessments, public employee unions, etc.

Questions To Include: Candidates views on abortion, end-of-life medical treatment, single and two-parent households, etc. They may be asked to elaborate their views on their interpretation of traditional family values, religious freedoms, marriage equity and definitions thereof among other pertinent issues.

Questions To Include: The candidate may be asked their views about our current legal system, jury awardments, general views of court officers, etc. Candidates may be asked to elaborate their views on judicial activism/restraint as well as general law topics relevant to today’s political arena.

In order to process an additional candidate support request, please be sure to include:

  • Name Of Candidate/Committee
  • Complete Mailing Address Names
  • Contact Information Of Campaign Consultants, Managers And/Or Treasurers

*Please note that additional candidate interviews may be deemed necessary for certain campaign races/initiatives.

Family Action PAC’s endorsement means a great deal to candidates because we are a long-standing, consistently conservative organization with a track record of success.  When voters see that you’re endorsed by FAPAC, they can trust in your conservative credentials.